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Hey guys. I bet you think I just fell off the face of earth, or you were busy and just didn't notice. I don't blame you though. I would have thought the same thing. But, because of this, I would like to take this chance to explain myself. The thing is I just don't know where to start. But, here goes.
 Well, I guess it started around the holidays last year. I've pretty much given into the fact that my grades aren't good enough to further my education, & the fact that I can't afford to. So, I've been working in a crappy fast food place to help my family. I dropped most of the things that I was doing in my down time that didn't deal with working. (Including being on my phone or the computer.) 
 I figured it wouldn't be that bad since others were signing off for the holidays too, & I'd be back soon. Sadly though, the stars weren't shinning in my direction at all last year. Not even for the holidays. I tried hard to save money for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I thought I did a pretty good job too, but because of the bills, it felt like I didn't make a difference. The only good thing about it though is I know we didn't have to worry about not having any food.
 I've been doing a little better with my depression, but it becomes difficult when the metaphorical scat hits the fan. Oh well, not much I can do other than fight to see things get better. So, to keep this journal short, I'm going to put in order from the latest to the most recent events below of what happened to me last year. Feel free to message me on any event that's listed for a better explanation as to why I've been gone for so long.
 Do understand I don't have any internet at the moment though, so if I can find wifi I'll try to reply a.s.a.p.
•My Moms on Prescribed Meds (Monkey Wrench)
•My Sister Tried to Kill Herself
•Random Boy Shows up & Stays
•I Got a Second Tattoo
•Thanksgiving & Christmas Blows
•My **** Sisters Pregnant!

   Well, until I can talk to you guys again, me and Argent love ya!

Silver: How many freak'n times do I have to tell you!? It's SILVER!!
Me: Really? Out of all the things in the world I could call you, you're going to complain about me using your real name?
 Silver: (pouts) It don't matter. I have enough respect to call you by what you want to be called, so I'd like the same done for me.
Me: But, Argent is your name. You just don't want anyone to tease you about it being French for 'Silver'.
Silver: (blushes) That's Not True!
Me: Sure. (grins) Personally, as long as I'm not called late for dinner, I'll respond to whatever. 
Silver: I guess you've got a point. (Tummy growls)
Me: (chuckle)
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Samantha (just Sam will work) ^_^
Artist | Varied
United States
I write, love stories, and love to draw even if it's not very good. I'm a couch potato. Meaning I love movies.

fav. color(s): Blue, Silver, Black, Purple, Red, & Amazon green.

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